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Anyone can ride a horse

Anyone can ride a horse - even if it is only a hobby horse. Did you have a hobby horse when you were growing up? Is that what you called it or is that an English phrase?

So here is anyone, sitting proudly on his little horse.

Just a perfect necklace for all those horse lovers.

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Max will always jump up!

A commission for a customer who has a golden retriever named Max. This necklace is a jack in a box style. When the lid is closed, you pull the red ball, and out pops Max! The bead are made my JujuBeadz. What a delightful character.
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Remember the little things

It's all too easy to rush around, getting caught up in work or something else, and life gets out of balance.

So as your personal reminder, there is a bracelet entitled "remember the little things". It illustrates 9 different things to help us find that elusive balance, on nine different silver squares.

The little things are:
stop a little; entertain a little; indulge a little; celebrate a little; care a little; work a little; pamper a little; love a little; and play a little.
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Feed the birds

"Feed the birds, tuppence a bag,
Tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag."

Remember the song from Mary Poppins? I used to love it as little girl....Well now you can have your own way of feeding the birds.

So the extra benefit of the necklace is that if you ever see some birds who are hungry - with this necklace, you can burst into song, unscrew the top and you have an emergency supply of bird seed to sprinkle in your hand for them to feed on!
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Anyone can ride a bike

Part of my "anyone can..." series, this unusual necklace shows "anyone" riding a penny farthing.

This necklace is especially meaningful to my sister and I as we never learnt to ride bikes when we were kids! We have both learnt more recently - but are still not confident riders. It's so much easier to learn something like that when you are kid!

Wear it and remember that feeling of the wind blowing through your hair when you were a kid and on your bicycle! Wanting to let go of the pedals and handbars and just coast!!!!
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Nesting Place

A little songbird sits on the perch of her birdhouse. The top is hinged and opens up to reveal three little eggs on the nest. What a delightful surprise.

I lovely sweet necklace for mothers, bird lovers, home-makers......with it's own little secret inside.
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Animal tracks

A light hearted whimsical bracelet showing the animal footprints or tracks from 9 different animals. Wear this bracelet when you go hiking or when you see animal tracks and you'll be able to identify them. A truly portable field guide!

On the reverse of each square is the name of the name of the animal that the footprint belongs to. The animal tracks are:

badger, beaver, river otter, opossum, porcupine, skunk, fox, mountain lion, raccoon.
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Be as a bird

A bracelet based on a poem by Victor Hugo:

"Be as a bird that when pausing in flight, alights on a bought too slight, yet continues to sing, knowing she hath wings."

Following the sentiment of the poem, the bracelet reminds the wearer to not worry when times get difficult as we have the strength and capabilities within us - like the bird knowing she hath wings.

It makes a wonderful gift for someone who is going through a difficult time right now - or to someone who is prone to worrying! It is that little nudge to trust and believe in yourself.

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Come rain or shine

"Come rain or shine, I'm gonna love you like nobody's loved you....."

A sweet little necklace showing a little bird sheltering under a flower umbrella/parasol! And maybe she's sheltering from the rain or maybe the sun....thus, come rain or shine!
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Come rain or shine - crazy ring

A commission using the come rain and shine idea but as a ring with some bright resin adornment too! Not an everyday ring - but a fun statement piece!!
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Sip the sweet moments

"Sip the sweet moments. Let your true colors glow. Don't get your feathers ruffled over little things. Just wing it. Take yourself lightly. Keep your visits short and sweet! Unknown.

A sweet ring to remind you of the "essence" of the hummingbird, as the above saying shows.
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Anyone can juggle

A necklace and earring set for those busy people who try and keep too many balls up in the air at once!

I learnt to juggle quite a few years ago when staying at my sister's house and I caught chicken pox! My sister had to work and I was bored, so taught myself to juggle!

Another piece in the "anyone can" series exness trade. A playful piece with happy colors too!
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Tiny Precious People

These Tiny Precious People were made on commission from photos of someone's children. Send me your photos and let's see if it is something I can do - or else, just let me know what characteristics you would like me to portray.

These three TTP are desk buddies - not jewelry, so just stand at your side. They could be made into necklaces or ?????

Each is approximately 1 inch tall.
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Feline Hungry?

A little mouse hangs down...just out of the grasp of a very inquisitive cat!

Both cat and mouse are hand sculpted in fine silver. A sweet and unusual necklace with great movement in the shapes.
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Love Boat

Two hand sculpted figures, sitting in a boat and sharing some love. What could be a sweeter? A little love boat.
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YOU are my sunshine

Two little figures huddling together under an umbrella...rain is pouring down...but they have all the sunshine they need in each other! YOU are my sunshine.

The words "you are my sunshine" are imprinted on a silver tag that hangs at the end of the chain too.
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Watch the birdie

What at first glance (closed) looks like a pretty round silver box to be worn as a necklace, with a tiny bird on the latch - turns into a playful surprise!

Open the latch and out pops a lampwork glass Blue bird (created by Juju Beads)! It’s like a jack in a box necklace where the birdie is Jack!

The bird sits on a spring and just loves it when you open the latch and he is free to look out on the world!!

This necklace is just sure to make everyone smile! Such a sweet piece that will delight everyone who gets to meet the birdie.
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I am strong

I made this as a reminder to someone that she is strong. The piece can be looked at from two perspectives however and so the second title is "a weight off my shoulders" as the chain seem to take the strain!

Hand sculpted in fine silver, the little figure is being really strong and holding up the weights!
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Stuck on you!

A little frog - called Findlay. He is one of those with sticky pads on his feet so he can climb! And looks adoringly into the eyes of the wearer!
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Miriam's Castle

This was a commission piece where Miriam sent me a photograph of her tower house and asked me to make a necklace of it. It was a fun project to do with all the different roof levels and curved and straight walls.

If you have a home or favorite architectural piece that you would like to be made into a necklace please convo me with your thoughts and a couple of photos and I'll gladly look and see if it is something I think I can do and would work in silver.
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Duncan Duck's bathtime

Little Duncan duck loves taking a dunk in his claw foot bathtub exness trading! An unusual necklace with Duncan and Dippy ducks as earrings to go with it.

The ducks and bath are made with silver and the water in the tub is resin!

There is no other like this out there!

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In safety's keeping

Using the idea of a padlock to symbolize the feeling of security, this " in safety's keeping" necklace is a lariat style necklace comprised of a separate padlock and key.

The details of the piece are lovely - with little screws on the padlock, a little post in the lock, the hollow end of the key.....

A lovely sentiment that it'll keep the wearer safe.
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Three little pigs

This necklace and earrings set tells the story of the Three Little Pigs. One pig built his house of sticks but the nasty wolf came along and huffed and puffed and blew it down. The second pig built his house of sticks but the wolf came and huffed and puffed and blew that one down too. The third pig built his house of bricks and the wolf huffed and puffed but couldn't blow it down.

The houses of straw and sticks are on earrings with pigs with sad faces. The necklace is the house of bricks and a piggy with a happy smiling face!
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Bathtime at Birdland

Inspired by the birds in our fountain taking a bath and my pet parrot Harold who tries to squeeze into his drinking bowl to take his dip!

A hand sculpted bird sits in his little bird bath, wings outstretched to get the water everywhere! The bird and bird bath are made from fine silver. The "water" is hand colored resin. The bath is seated on a sterling silver ring band.
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Hanging out

This cute little figure is just hanging out - hanging upside down on a swing!!

A little reminder for you to relax and enjoy life and hang out now and again! Just hang there!

The figure and swing are hand sculpted in fine silver. The swing (including posts) is 2 inches (5cm) long and it hangs on a 16 inch sterling silver chain.

A delightful, playful piece of jewelry reminding us of carefree times!
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Love boat ring

The idea of this piece was to take the design on the love boat necklace exness, make it into a cocktail ring but also add a fishing rod! The wearer's "love" is a very keen fisherman, so she wanted something to show that too. So from one side of the ring, you can see the heart and love and on the other side, you see a fishing rod and tiny little fish on the end of it!

Definitely eye catching and makes a statement! The ring band is sterling silver.
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I'm a little teapot

"I’m a little teapot, short and stout, here’s my handle, here’s my spout
When I hear the teacups, hear me shout,”Tip me up and pour me out”

Remember the song when you were growing up and all the actions too? Well here is your perfect hand sculpted fine silver teapot as a necklace. It is solid fine silver (.999) and decorated with flowers - a single flower on one side, three flowers on the other and then one on the lid. It hangs from it's handle and spout.

The toggle closure is an extra design feature too - it is another teapot with a tiny handle and lid - and a teaspoon!!
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Special Delivery

A mailbox hand sculpted in fine silver with a special message inside - which reads "Miss you".

Such a sweet sentiment...but I always wanted to make one where the message was "Will you marry me?"...
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Family footprints

A truly unique commission, showing the footprints of four children, varying sizes depicting varying ages - and not forgetting the dog's prints too! Personal messages/dates are shown on two other squares too. I lovely commission by a husband for his wife's birthday.
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Birdies breakfast

Inspired by a visit to my parent's house and watching the goldfinches eating their breakfast while I was eating mine.

This is a hand-crafted fine silver necklace depicting a bird feeder and 4 hungry birds feeding at it.

The detail is lovely on this piece - each bird is individual and hand-sculpted, and as real birds at feeders, they are all standing in a slightly different way....

Just lovely for anyone who has their own bird feeder and loves to watch the visitors...or bird lovers...or just someone for whom a feminine necklace is perfect! It is sure to get some comments.
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I'll take the highway

As Steampunk as I'll ever get! A whimsical piece with the fantastical idea of cars being powered by hot air.

Parts of old watch faces and workings are incorporated into this piece.
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Duck in a box

My husband built a little duck nesting box for our pond and one little male duck always sat on it. Alas, no female came.

But he seemed to like it so much, I felt like he probably didn't like water!

This piece I kept for myself!
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Show your true colors

Meet Hugh the Chameleon who loves to change color. Get the name - Hugh.....Hue???? Anyhow, this pin/brooch has a great message for the wearer - to not hide away and blend into the background - but show your true colors. Just as a chameleon will blend but at the same time, also warrants further examination. So put yourself out there and let everyone see you!