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Artist's Statement

As a lover of games and surprises, my work has a whimsical nature to it. Each piece begins with a positive emotion or mood and then adds a touch of nature ( human or animal) to create jewelry that does more than adorn, but lifts your spirits too.

My miniature sculptures layer a simplicity of design with an appreciation of human spirit and nature. My hope is that my pieces will make you smile.
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Metal Clay

I make some of my jewelry using metal clay. Metal clay is a product comprised of very small particles of pure silver suspended in a clay binder. The clay-like properties enable me to sculpt, mold and form the piece in many different ways. It is then dried, filed and fired in a kiln which burns off the clay part. Then I sand, polish, add patina and assemble the parts. The result is a piece of fine silver (99.9%).

What I enjoy most about this product is all the different stages - the wet clay stage, the dry stage and then the fired silver stage for finishing. There are different techniques involved in each part and room for creativity at every stage of the process.
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Color anodized aluminum/Colour anodised aluminium

I sometimes combine my silver work with aluminum as a means to add color to a piece - or use aluminum on it's own. The process involves anodizing the aluminum, then applying dyes and inks which form a layer as part of the metal, and then sealing the color. This produces a colorful permanent layer which is part of the aluminum, rather than just a surface coloring, so it is stable.

Where to see my work

I live in Northern California. If you live locally, I am happy to arrange a time for you to come and see my work at my studio. Just email me to arrange a convenient date and time.